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Material Delivery for Landscaping, Construction, and More.

Olympus Trucking & Delivery provides professional, secure, and quick delivery and transportation of landscaping and building materials for commercial and private construction in Salt Lake City and northern Utah.

With over 20 years as a full service landscaping company, we understand the needs of contractors and landscapers. Our team is always keeping up with current landscaping and construction materials and best practices and we guarantee proper and speedy handling and drop off of any construction material your current project needs

Two construction workers carry a bag of cement midsection close up at the warehouse
pile of limestone quarry on background of blue sky

Mulch, Gravel, & Soil Deliveries

Olympus Trucking & Delivery provides delivery and transportation for bulk or wholesale materials, such as mulch, gravel, soil, stone and compost in Salt Lake City and northern Utah. Our experienced team will coordinate with you to deliver and unload any materials directly on site, making sure all bulk materials arrive quickly and are unloaded right where you need them.

Olympus Trucking & Delivery offers delivery services for commercial and residential construction and remodels, from large scale leveling and construction sites to private residential projects. 

Plant and Sod Deliveries

Olympus Trucking & Delivery offers secure plant, tree, sod, and grass seed delivery to make your landscaping projects as successful as possible, starting from the time your items leave the warehouse. 

As professional landscapers, we understand the needs and requirements of the industry. Our team will transport and unload all plant and landscaping materials in their best condition and ready for use, saving you time and money overall. Olympus Trucking & Delivery provides plant, tree, and sod delivery for commercial and residential landscaping projects, construction sites, and remodels in Salt Lake City and northern Utah.

Young trees with root balls are ready for transplanting and loaded on a flatbed truck
Red paving stones in the building materials trade for sale. Close-up

Brick, Block and Stone Deliveries

Olympus Trucking & Delivery provides delivery and transportation services for landscaping, building, and construction items, including: natural stone, pavers, clay bricks and veneers, cinder block, porcelain stone, landscape pebbles and much more. Anything that you need for your landscaping or building project, Olympus Trucking & Delivery can transport and unload on-site quickly and securely. 

Olympus Trucking & Delivery can currently deliver brick, block, and stone materials to commercial and residential landscaping, construction, and remodel sites. 

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